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April 2008 Introduction
The Hurley-Byrd All Seed Feeder
  From niger seed to shelled peanuts. One feeder has you covered. 
Here is a real testament to Hurley-Byrd's commitment to excellence.
The new All Seed bird feeder was designed and placed into testing here at Hurley-Byrd 3 years ago.
After perfecting this beautiful tube style feeder, it's now available to everyone.
The new All Seed tube feeder is designed with every perching/clinging bird and birder in mind.
It easily accommodates several finches when filled with niger seed or better yet, use
a mix of black oil sunflower and a small amount of niger seed. Now, all your birds will be happy
Tube Bird Feeder in Western Red Cedar
White-breasted Nuthatch and Black-capped Chickadee on Tube Feeder
Red-bellied Woodpecker on Tube Feeder
  All Seed Feeder Capacities 

All-Seed Feeder Dimensions and Capacities
Each feeder is 8" x 8" square (the roof) and
varies only in it height as follows:

6 Perch - 18"    Niger Seed: 2.5 Pounds. BOSS: 1.7 Pounds

8 Perch - 23"          Niger Seed: 3 Pounds. BOSS: 2 Pounds

10 Perch - 28"   Niger Seed: 3.5 Pounds. BOSS: 2.3 Pounds

12 Perch - 33"      Niger Seed: 4 Pounds. BOSS: 2.6 Pounds

14 Perch - 38"      Niger Seed: 4.5 Pounds. BOSS: 3 Pounds

  Order Your All Seed Feeder Today 

Chickadee and Nuthatch on Tube Bird Feeder
Red Bellied Woodpecker on Tube Feeder
All Seed Feeder in Cedar - 6 Perch
All Seed Feeder in Cedar - 8 Perch
All Seed Feeder in Cedar - 10 Perch
All Seed Feeder in Cedar - 12 Perch
All Seed Feeder in Cedar - 14 Perch
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