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Quick Article with Bird Feeding Tips.
Choosing Bird Food

Black-oil sunflower seed:
BOSS is enjoyed by more birds than any other seed. Chickadee, titmice, cardinals, nuthatches and more are among our favored birds that prefer black-oil sunflower seeds.

White millet:
Ground feeding birds, such as juncos, doves and sparrows, love white millet.

Red Milo
Again, a great ground feed which doves and jays love.

Cracked corn:
Cracked corn placed on the ground around your feeder will invite doves, juncos and the like to visit and stay at your feeders.

Mixed seed:
Place this product the ground, or into seed trays, fly-throughs and other platform type feeders.
Mixed seed normally has large quantities of millet. As noted above, millet will attract a vast number of birds. But most cheap mixed seed contains way too much and the majority goes to waste. We add a few handfuls to straight BOSS and adjust this quantity as needed. Keep an eye on the ground and see what is (or isn't) going to waste. 

Niger or Thistle Seed is a finch favorite. Attract siskins, goldfinches and redpolls. It is important to use a niger seed feeder that is well designed to get your best bang from this expensive seed.

In out opinion, the extra cost of safflower over BOSS is not worth it. Some say squirrels will not eat it but our experience says likewise. A must try though if you have squirrel issues. Like everything, it may or may not work for you. Trying new things is half the fun of birding.

Sugar water/Nectar:
Hummingbirds and sugar water go together like kids and candy. Cook up your own by using 4 parts water to one part sugar. Place in a pan and bringing to a boil, cool and feed. Please, do not put artificial red coloring in your mix. It will not be needed.

Woodpeckers, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches and many more love suet. I've even watched cardinals try to hover at the feeders for a taste. Hang it in a mesh bag or purchase on of our suet feeders or buy simple metal screen type feeder to discourage raccoons and squirrels from stealing your bird's treat.

Raisins, grapes, bananas, currants, and sliced apples may attract mockingbirds, robins, bluebirds, and waxwings. Oranges, grapefruits and the like are loved by orioles.