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Direct Mail Card Deck Marketing: When you purchase a Marketshare Group, Marketshare Publication Card Deck Advertising report from Hurley-Byrd, you are receiving the most precise and concise information with actual results regarding Direct Response Decks of a card deck advertisement marketing campaign and will also receive an invaluable review of response to how well other direct mail marketing programs may or may not work for your direct to consumer, business to consumer or business to business marketing campaign and company results.

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Are You Thinking About a Direct Mail Card Deck Advertising Program?

Here at Hurley-Byrd we manufacture the finest, traditional style bird, deer and wildlife feeders in the country.
Like you, we are always seeking new avenues to market our line of fine products.

When we were approached by Marketshare Publication's Sales Rep, Susie Benson in 2008, we were rather
intrigued. We had not performed direct mail card deck marketing before and decided to give it a try.

In our particular case we have a garden related product and we (Marketshare Pubs too)  felt our
card deck advertising campaign would work best in the National Home Gardening Club card deck pack.
So, we chose a 200,000-home East Split with a certified 130,000 active wild bird feeding audience.

We chose to place our advertisement in the East Split for two reasons:
1. It was a cost effective means of testing the potential of the card deck advertising venue and
2. Allowed us to effectively retain a lower cost of shipping by keeping the customer
base relatively close to our facility's location. This worked and we recommend you do the same.

Why have we established this web page?
If you are like us, you are scouring the Internet in search of something solid and professional
to help make the choice of placing the advertisement or not.

We found very little information and positively found nothing solid, concise and of quality.
So, from the very beginning of this scenario we decided to keep very detailed records and
information with the intention of offering it to other prospective advertisers.
As we say, "The proof is always in the pudding" and here's the pudding.

Obviously, gathering, organizing and presenting all this information was not an easy task.
We logged every phone call and why they called, logged each web page hit (we designed our card
to drive customers to a specific page) and also logged actual IP geolocations of each web visitor.

Besides this, we knew many of the potential customers would bypass the specific landing page, like
they always do in all our advertisements. So we established a complex baseline to measure people coming
directly into the site plus those who used search engines and entered on the home page instead.
We call it Home Page Acceleration and this offered us a fair, although not perfect, means
of measuring the advertisement's performance and the numbers proved its value.

Our results are now available to you.
The results were logged from the moment Marketshare Pubs confirmed the mailing on
October 28, 2009 and will be ongoing as long as customers are returning, calling, etc...

This report will be maintained and presented daily and will contain the following information:
1. Advertisement's Landing Web Page Hits Per Day.
2. Actual Telephone Calls and the result or inquiry of the call.
3. Home Page Acceleration (the number of increased Home Page hits - we will not divulge
our complex manner in which these results are calculated.)
4. Total Gross Revenue Generated in Dollar Sales Per Day: Shows activity levels.
5. Customer Locations City/State: Using either IP Geolocations, sales data or telephone number locations.
6. Notes regarding the customer conversations, if pertinent.
7. Our total sales to date attributed to the card deck advertisement.
8. The negotiated price we paid for a 200,000 East Split card deck advertisement - worth the price alone.
9. Break out of our expected goals.
10. Break out of the cost per web page viewed.
11. Cost per customer contact.
12. Cost per dollar of generated revenue.
13. Our own break even point (amount of revenue less product cost to reach break even)
14. A full sized view of our card as approved my Marketshare Pubs - we produced our own card.
15. A complete and personal opinion report of our experience of the advertisement in whole.
16. Newsletter Subscriber Acceleration, calculated just like the Home Page Acceleration.
(We used a hover-over newsletter subscription generator as already seen.)
17. Anything else we can think of.
18. Answers to all your questions.

Each report will be updated to the minute before being emailed to you in a multi-page PDF format.
Please allow no more than one business day for us to update our calculations and documentation.
We reserve the right to cancel any order which may be from a competing organization.

Did the Card Deck Advertisement Work? If so, how much money will you make?
Did it Not Work? If not, how much might you lose?

Find out for yourself. This report WILL answer your questions
and WILL make your decision.

This Report is No Longer Available.

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