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Hurley-Byrd Tube Style Bird Feeder 
   Use a Tube for the Little Guys  
Tube style feeders have become very popular over the last few decades for two reasons.
They cater to the small sized bird and are cheap for plastics manufacturers to produce.
Yet, finding a handsome cedar tube feeder has not an easy find until now.

Hurley-Byrd crafts two different tube feeders to meet your needs. One of the first feeders
we crafted was a Finch Feeder which has changed little over the last 7 years due its great design.
The second is a 2008 introduction of our All Seed Feeder which allows you to adjust the
feeders port size to accommodate various seed sizes.
Whatever your feeding situation, a Hurley-Byrd tube feeder fills that niche.

Hurley-Byrd Finch Feeders 
   One of Our Originals and Still One of Our Best  
Our Finch Feeders are like no other tube style bird feeder we have seen. The hardwood
perches (not metal or soft poplar - like most) are designed to last and stay in place for years.
Our Finch Feeders are crafted from premium grade cedar and are absolutely beautiful.
An excellent Finch Feeder addition for any home or garden.  
The House Finch
The Purple Finch
The Gold Finch
A Brand New 2008 Introduction
The Hurley-Byrd All Seed Bird Feeder 
   From niger seed to shelled peanuts. One feeder does it all.  
After 3 years of perfecting this unique and beautiful cedar tube feeder, it's ready to go.
Our All Seed tube feeder was designed for finches, chickadees, titmice,
nuthatches, woodpeckers and more.
Chickadee and Nuthatch on Tube Bird Feeder
Red Bellied Woodpecker on Tube Feeder
Effective October 2012 - Hurley-Byrd will no longer offer this item.

It is with great regret we announce we will no longer be producing these as a regular offering.
It has been a very popular item with our customers and one we love greatly.
This is due to our choice to focus on feeders which our customers cannot find elsewhere.
BUT, But, but.......... we plan to periodically produce a small number of these during slow times.
We will then make a limited offering to our Newsletter Subscribers and Previous Customers ONLY!

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Sincerely, All of Us Here at Hurley-Byrd

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