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Feeders: When you send a feeder you send two gifts: the feeder itself, and the moment it arrives. There's the knock at the door or the package on the porch. And the next thing that happens is your special someone's heart races with delight as they open a gift they will remember for years to come.

Feeder Delivery: At Hurley-Byrd, we do things differently and oversee every part of the process: from the buying of raw materials, to handcrafting the feeder, to the day your purchase arrives at the front door. We send freshly crafted feeders direct and bypass all the middlemen, which means better feeders and a better value. (Don't just take our word for it. Thousands of customers rate Hurley-Byrd "best value.") We believe in complete satisfaction and lasting value, too, which is why we guarantee a perfect feeder for you or your recipient , and also that your feeders will outlast all others available and will be enjoyed from the moment they arrive and for years to come. It's all part of how Hurley-Byrd is changing how America feeds their wildlife.

Hurley-Byrd does it differently: We handcraft each and every feeder we sell. Beginning with our own designs, buying the finest western red cedar and crafting your feeders to near perfection with a beautiful penetrating oil finish so they last for years. We take pride in every step of our service, too--from the moment you first interact with us, whether on our website or on the phone, to the delivery of your feeders and gifts and everything in between. We want to make owning and gift giving easy for you. So whether it's a simple thank you gift, a unique deer feeder or a whole feeding station for yourself, choose Hurley-Byrd and see what a difference our feeders really make. 

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BIG, Beautiful Mourning Dove Series
Special One-Off Feeding Stations
Crafted just for you!!!
Very Limited in Quantity
The Hurley-Byrd Mourning Dove Series
Introduced - 2004   . . . . .   Discontinued - 2014
Coming Back late 2018 in Full Force
Arguably, the feeder that built Hurley Byrd.
Possessing amazing beauty and even more impressive performance.
The Mourning Dove Series large bird is a pinnacle feeder deserving of its place in our celebration.
If you seek the best of the best....... here they are.

To celebrate our 15th Anniversary, we are bring back the Mourning Dove (MD)
 in limited, one-off special feeders crafted by HB's owner himself. Since he is the only one who
has actually built MD's, and is the only one who understand their nuances. 

Throughout our 15th year, we will occasionally build a few MD's and offer
them here. We do not know how many we can build, it will be related to availability of time.
Following is our 2014 description and informational on the MD.
What is being offered now may vary as each is a work of art all unto itself.

 Big, Beautiful and Beautiful!  
The Hurley-Byrd Mourning Dove series bird feeders are in a class all their own.
Our years of birding and woodworking expertise produce the finest large bird feeder available.
Through a process of continued enhancement, the Mourning Dove's functionality and beauty have reached a level unequalled in the bird feeding world. It is pure Form over Function - The BWM of bird feeders.
The Mourning Dove series is our top selling big bird feeder and for good reason. Big, bold and
tremendously beautiful, these feeders attract a lot of birds and tell the whole neighborhood
"You're a Serious Birder." If you seek the highest quality pinnacle feeder for your
feeding station or a gift that will never be forgotten, look no further.

Installations and Erecting:
Mourning Doves are normally erected using our Large 4x4 Pole Mounts (poles not included) and are usually coupled to a matching Seed Catcher Tray. Seed Catcher Trays introduce a second level of bird watching pleasure by providing a large, open and unobstructed landing area to accommodate the bulkier/clumsier birds such as Blue Jays,
Cardinals and Mourning Doves. Most importantly though, seed catcher trays provide a
second opportunity for the birds to consume dropped feed which
saves YOU lots of "seed money" ultimately paying for itself and the feeder too.

We recommend mounting these feeders on 4x4 posts (3 1/2" x 3 1/2") using our mounts since they
cannot be hung due to their weight. But they can be used as patio table, deck, ground or stump feeders.
The seed trays have a perfectly sized center hole that slips over and down the pole prior to mounting the feeder. The tray can then be pressed tight against the feeder's mount or slid further down the pole
and secured at any location along the poles length using the supplied screws.

Each 15th Anniversary Mourning Dove is Handcrafted with the Finest Materials:
Appalachian Mountain Lumber - Some chosen for their strength, some for their beauty, some for both.
1.) Super thick base plates and vertical roof supports for years of durability.
2.) 3/4" Matched lumber roof halves of superior beauty.
3.) 1/2" thick railings to hold up to years of birding activity.
Ceramic Coated Steel Screws - No inferior staples, nails, brads or glues used anywhere.
1.) Screws are the ultimate fastener for their holding capabilities. 
2.) Ceramic coatings will not corrode like nails, staples, or inferior screws.
3.) Screws allow disassembly for cleaning, refinishing or repair.
Hopper End Seed Ports - Supplies seed to feeder's ends producing a 360 degree feeding environment.
Full Length Brass Plated Roof Hinges - Resists entry of rain and melting snow into the hopper.
Heavy Duty 1/4" Acrylic Sheeting - Double thick sheeting retains it shape and is strong!
Positive Water Drain Holes - Placed at each corner for fast drainage of rain and melting snow.

All 15th Anniversary Feeders Receive These Free Upgrades - Preinstalled:
Hopper Base Seed Splitter - Directs ALL the seed to the feeding platform.
Solid Brass Hook and Eye Latch - Positively keeps the roof closed, even in high winds. 

What's the difference between a Large Pole Mount and
Heavy Duty Mount and which do I need?

In-Depth Information.
For a more in-depth look
at each of these mounts, view our
Pole Mount Page. 

Quick Overview
Each Hurley-Byrd 4x4 pole mount is an extremely strong mount. You will not find a stronger and more beautiful mount on the market anywhere. Each mount is crafted of the finest lumbers suiting the feeder's weight requirements. 

Our Large Pole Mount has been designed
and is crafted for use
under feeders with a maximum of 40 pounds
of load. See the statistics
below. We recommend
this mount whenever
a seed catcher tray is
used under the feeder
since it offers the
least obstructed
view of the tray.

Heavy Duty
Pole Mounts
are serious mounts
with a holding capacity
of 60 pounds.
This 60 pound figure is
an extremely conservative one and
our tests have shown
this mount will withstand
heavy wet snow loads
exceeding 80 pounds in
high wind conditions for
long periods of time.
This mount also has a
certain ornamental
quality with its tapered
supports. If you live in
an area of heavy
snows, high winds or
have issues with
mammals climbing all
over your feeders,
we highly recommend
this mount.

Actual Feeder Weights
Not seed capacities.
MD: 12 Pounds +-
UMD 14 pounds+-
ELMD: 15 pounds +-
ELUMD: 18 pounds +-

Heavy Wet Snow will
weigh as much as 20.5
pounds per cubic foot.
An Extra Long Ultra
Mourning Dove has
the capability of holding
4 cubic feet of snow
on its roof.
As an extreme example of the ELUMD:
Snow Load: 82 pounds.
Feeder Load: 18 pounds
Seed Load: 25 pounds.
Grand Total:
125 pounds.
This feeder MUST use
the Heavy Duty Mount. 

Your conditions will dictate which pole
mount you need.
If you have any doubts,
purchase the heavier of the two mounts.
If you have any
questions or need
assistance, please feel
free to write us or
call toll free:

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Hurley Byrd
Hurley-Byrd How-To:
Web page on erecting
a 4x4 post and
Installing a Mourning Dove

Download your free guide to planting a post and erecting a LARGE feeder correctly.
Click here for your free guide!

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Hurley-Byrd Home
The ones that started it all.
Some of our cedar feeders
from 2005.
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A gorgeous feeder crafted with an eye on "Something Different" in the birding world. Amazing Poplar lumber used to craft this feeder is absolutely beautiful.
You will love it!!!!
Appalachian Poplar - An Amazing Lumber
Poplar MD:

I love knotty wood like this beautiful hemlock. This particular tree was harvested locally due to new road construction, then milled by a sawyer who lives 1/2 mile from HB and then we put it in our lumber dry kiln, affectionately called The Greehouse.
Happy Hemlock - An Extra Long MD
Happy in Hemlock:

One of my very last Cedar Mourning Doves and these are HUGE too. 
Each will station as a whole will measure 35" in length, 24" in width and 24" in height and require 5+ gallons of seed to fill...... which equates to roughly 20 pounds of BOSS.
HUGE Cedar, Cherry and Black Walnut ELMD
Quick Order Here:

Cherry lumber is one of my all time favs. It looks beautiful, cuts/sands/mill with a smell to die for and crafts feeder with a beauty second to none.

Cherry Mourning Dove
Cherry Feeding Station:

The feeding station pictured here is a representative of what we will craft especially for you. Yours will be unique and awesome! We promise.
The feeding station pictured here is a representative of what we will craft especially for you. Yours will be unique and awesome! We promise.
The feeding station pictured here is a representative of what we will craft especially for you. Yours will be unique and awesome! We promise.
The feeding station pictured here is a representative of what we will craft especially for you. Yours will be unique and awesome! We promise.