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Trees for the Future
Hurley-Byrd Supports this Global Organization 
   and so will you with each and every purchase.  
For every $10.00 you spend at Hurley-Byrd (not including shipping), Trees for the Future will
plant a tree somewhere in the world. Since 1989, Trees for the Future has been
helping communities around the world plant trees. Through seed distribution,
agroforestry training, and country programs, they have empowered
rural groups to restore tree cover to their lands.
Planting trees protects the environment and helps to preserve traditional livelihoods and
cultures for generations to come. Their mission and history demonstrate how
dedicated they are to sustainable agroforestry.
Learn more about Trees for the Future by visiting their web site today.

  How do I and Hurley-Byrd support Trees for the Future?  
Very simple! For every $10.00 you purchase at Hurley-Byrd, we donate a percentage to
Trees for the Future who in turn plants a tree somewhere in the world. 
In most cases you'll see a small photo such as this one setting
next to an item's purchase button. The number in the box
indicates how many trees you'll plant with this purchase.
Obviously, the more you purchase the more trees you plant. An $80.00 order plants 8 trees,
$164.95 purchase plants 16.95 trees, a $240.50 orders plants 24.05 trees, etc, etc.......

  Lets look at this from a different and more important perspective.  
ONE (1) medium-large Western Red Cedar tree produces enough lumber for Hurley-Byrd
to build $60,000.00 (+-) in feeders. In turn, Hurley-Byrd's donations to Trees for the Future will
plant 6,000 trees. For every one tree we consume, Trees for the Future will plant a whole forest somewhere in the world. Beyond establishing 6,000 trees, Tree for the Future is building communities,
agro businesses, sustainable lumber management, educational programs and oxygenating our world.
All this from this one western red cedar tree, your support and our eagerness to donate.

Hurley-Byrd understands the need for sustainable forest programs and
we're partnering with Trees for the Future so you too can be part of the resolution.
Feel good about supporting Hurley-Byrd by knowing a part of your order will
produce a GROWING forest of trees, not the deforestation of our planet.
Think wood feeders, think reforestation............and beyond!
Hurley-Byrd and Mother Earth thank you in advance!

From This ..................................................................  Comes This!                                  

Visit: Trees for the Future by clicking on their logo below.

Trees for the Future is a 501 (c) 3 Tax-Exempt Non-Profit Organization
CFC # 10715, and a Member of Aid for Africa

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