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Wildlife Feeder Gifts: When you send bird feeders you send two gifts: the feeders themselves, and the moment they arrive. There's the knock at the door or the package on the porch. And the next thing that happens is your special someone's heart races with delight as they open a gift they will remember for years to come.

Feeder Delivery: At Hurley-Byrd, we do it differently and oversee every part of the process: from the buying of raw materials, to handcrafting the feeder, to the day your purchase arrives at the front door. We send freshly crafted feeders direct and bypass all the middlemen, which means better feeders and a better value. (Don't just take our word for it. Thousands of customers rate Hurley-Byrd "best value.") We believe in complete satisfaction and lasting value, too, which is why we guarantee a perfect feeder for you or your recipient , and also that your feeders will outlast all others available and will be enjoyed from the moment they arrive and for years to come. It's how Hurley-Byrd is changing how America feeds their wildlife.

Hurley-Byrd does it differently: We handcraft every feeder we sell. Beginning with our own designs, buying the finest western red cedar and crafting your feeders
to near perfection with a beautiful penetrating oil finish so they last for years. We take pride in every step of our service, too. From the moment you first interact with us, whether on our website or on the phone, to the delivery of your feeders and gifts and everything in between. We want to make owning and gift giving easy for you. So whether it's a simple thank you, a unique deer feeder or a whole feeding station for yourself, choose Hurley-Byrd and see what a difference our feeders really make. 

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Bird Feeder Installation Tips.
Placement-  Place your wild bird feeder in an area where your birds can feel safe. They appreciate some nearby trees, shrubs, etc..  This "cover" will keep your birds from feeling vulnerable and they will be more likely to feed more often.  Bird feeder placement is very important and different placements will bring different birds. See our Birding Tips page for more information on how to attract various birds.Back to Top

Proper Installation - When installing your feeder or feeders, make sure they are being installed as designed. An improperly installed feeder can do harm to the environment, your home or even worst, your pet or another human.  A feeder that falls from a great height can do serious damage and should be installed very securely and inspected at each filling for damage, breakage or anything that appears incorrect.Back to top

Damage Control -  Always place your feeder so that windy or other outside forces (birds included) don't swing your feeder into your home or another feeder. Repeated "banging" against your home will cause damage to both your home and new feeder. If your feeders are swinging and hit one another, this will shorten the life of your feeders and detract from their natural beauty.  Place them carefully.Back to Top

Pole Mounting - When mounting a bird feeder to a pole, always use our pole mounts with our feeders. We have two different pole mounts that have been designed to support our feeders correctly. The use of other pole mounts or "make-shift" pole mounts can easily damage your new feeder and shorten its life.  Improperly mounted pole mount bird feeders can easily  fall and damage your home or a person can get hurt by the falling feeder.  Least of all, your feeder will get damaged and its life will be greatly decreased.Back to Top

Rail Mounted Feeders - In particular, Rail Mount bird feeders must be installed correctly.  In their normal day to day use, the rail mount systems do very little work but when high winds or heavy snows attack your feeder, these rail mount systems can be under huge amounts of stresses.  When installing our rail mount feeders, it is imperative you follow the directions carefully. They are designed for years of enjoyment but only if they are cared for in the right manner. Once installed, the feeder's rail mounts should be inspected at each filling to make sure it is fully intact and in good condition. A rail mount feeder should never be installed in a place where people can get under the feeder (example: on a balcony directly over a walkway for the entrance to a building or other area frequented by people.) A fifteen pound feeder with ten pounds of seed falling 30 feet will do a tremendous amount of damage to either people or property and we do not indorse such an application. Keep your rail mount feeders installed in a place that is safe for yourself, other people, pets and of course our ever-loved wildlife. Inspect the feeder each and every time you refill it with your favored wild bird seed.Back to Top

Cleaning -Your Hurley-Byrd Bird Feeder should be kept clean and in good working order. We have chosen materials that can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it, so it can take a good scrubbing periodically. Feel free to wash your feeder in the kitchen sink using warm water and mild detergent.  DO NOT allow your feeder to soak in the sink. This can be detrimental to the wood and loosen attaching hardware due to expansion and subsequent shrinkage after drying.  Wash your feeder thoroughly, rinse completely and set out to dry before refilling. You may also desire to sterilize your feeder. Use a 1:10 chlorine bleach to water solution and wipe completely, and then thoroughly rinse. Afterwards, make sure the feeder dries completely before refilling with seed. A wet feeder will make for wet seed that molds and rots quickly, causing you to have to wash your feeder again too soon.
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Get the most from your feeder-  Install your new feeder in an area that you can view the feeder most often or as you desire.  There is no reason to have a feeder placed where it cannot be enjoyed and we have a bird feeder for any location. See our index below for a few thoughts on placing your feeders correctly.

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