Hurley Byrd Does it Differently, Very Differently: 
We handcraft each and every feeder we sell. Starting with our own designs, producing OUR OWN Lumbers and assembling your feeders with
real screws throughout. We then protect each feeder with a beautiful penetrating oil finish so they last for many years. We take pride in our service, too.
From the moment you first interact with us, whether on our website or on the phone, to the delivery of your feeders and gifts and everything in between.
We want to make owning and gift giving easy for you. So whether it's a simple thank you, a unique deer feeder gift a whole
feeding station for you and your family, choose Hurley-Byrd and see the difference our feeders really make. 

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Big Honkin Bird Feeding Stations

What's the difference between a Large Pole Mount and
Heavy Duty Mount and which do I need?

In-Depth Information.
For a more in-depth look
at each of these mounts, view our
Pole Mount Page. 

Quick Overview
Each Hurley-Byrd 4x4 pole mount is an extremely strong mount. You will not find a stronger and more beautiful mount on the market anywhere. Each mount is crafted of the finest lumbers suiting the feeder's weight requirements. 

Our Large Pole Mount has been designed
and is crafted for use
under feeders with a maximum of 40 pounds
of load. See the statistics
below. We recommend
this mount whenever
a seed catcher tray is
used under the feeder
since it offers the
least obstructed
view of the tray.

Heavy Duty
Pole Mounts
are serious mounts
with a holding capacity
of 60 pounds.
This 60 pound figure is
an extremely conservative one and
our tests have shown
this mount will withstand
heavy wet snow loads
exceeding 80 pounds in
high wind conditions for
long periods of time.
This mount also has a
certain ornamental
quality with its tapered
supports. If you live in
an area of heavy
snows, high winds or
have issues with
mammals climbing all
over your feeders,
we highly recommend
this mount.

Actual Feeder Weights
Not seed capacities.
MD: 12 Pounds +-
UMD 14 pounds+-
ELMD: 15 pounds +-
ELUMD: 18 pounds +-

Heavy Wet Snow will
weigh as much as 20.5
pounds per cubic foot.
An Extra Long Ultra
Mourning Dove has
the capability of holding
4 cubic feet of snow
on its roof.
As an extreme example of the ELUMD:
Snow Load: 82 pounds.
Feeder Load: 18 pounds
Seed Load: 25 pounds.
Grand Total:
125 pounds.
This feeder MUST use
the Heavy Duty Mount. 

Your conditions will dictate which pole
mount you need.
If you have any doubts,
purchase the heavier of the two mounts.
If you have any
questions or need
assistance, please feel
free to write us or
call toll free:

Hurley Byrd's "Big Honkin" Bird Feeders

  Big, Bold and Beautiful!  
Hurley Byrd's Big Honkin Bird Feeders (fka:  Mourning Doves) are in a
class all their own. Our years of birding and woodworking expertise produce the finest large
bird feeder available. Through a process of continued enhancement, our Big Honkin's
functionality and beauty have reached a level unequalled in the bird feeding world.
Pure Form Over Function - The BWM of Bird Feeders

The Big Honkin Series is our top selling big bird feeder and for good reason.
Big, bold and amazingly beautiful, they attract a lot of birds and tell the whole neighborhood
"You're a Serious Birder." If you seek the highest quality pinnacle feeder for
your feeding station or a gift they will never forgot, look no further.

Introduced in 2004, Going Rogue in 2019
In 2004 we crafted the very first "Mourning Dove" feeder and continued for
nearly 10 years until we took them underground in 2014 (AKA: not available to the public).

Now for 2019 they are bigger and better than ever due to our amazing FFY Program Lumber.
Along with being fully redesigned, they'll now be know as Big Honkin Bird Feeders.
Why Big Honkin? Big Honkin is simply represents them far more accurately, is what
we have casually called them for years.... and it's FUN!.

Meet Big Honk

Hurley Byrd's New
BIG Bird Feeder
Design Leader

Big Honk is taking
Big Awesome to
Big Honkin Amazing

Summer 2019........
Big Honk is cutting ties to
strict blueprint building of the Mourning Dove Series and driving Big Honkin upward.

For us to take this already amazing product to new
levels, we need to break
our mold and go rogue.

Effective Immediately
Every Big Honkin
bird feeder produced
at Hurley Byrd will be a
One-Off Thing-O-Beauty.
Stop back often or simply
sign up for Big Honk's Big Honkin Notice List.

Click Here ➚

Big Honk will make sure
you have 1st chance at
all new Big Honkin Feeders
as they become available.

Left: The ones that started it all 15 years
ago. We tinkered with the design, sizes and
component integration for a LONG time. 

After years of perfecting, we solidified the blueprints and will now begin pushing the best of our best to brand new heights.

Cherry lumber is one of my all time favs. It looks beautiful, cuts/sands/mill with a smell to die for and crafts feeder with a beauty second to none.
Cherry Berry Delight..... YUM!
Cherry Berry Delight
Qty of 1 - This is a Big Honk One-Off.
What sizes
feeders do we offer?

Summer 2019........
As we cut our ties with
strict blueprint building of
the Mourning Dove Series and move into our new
Big Honkin Feeders,
capacities will begin to slide up and down the scale.

Overall though, a good reference for each feeder will be around these ranges.

Base (smallest) Big Honk:
3 Gallons which is about
12 Pounds

Extra Long Big Honk:
4 Gallons / 15 Pounds

Ultra Large Big Honk:
5 Gallon / 21 Pounds

Extra Long Ultra Large
Big Honk
6.5 Gallon / 26 Pounds

Ordering Sizes - Examples Above (Ornamental Large Pole Mount shown):
Left: Extra Large (15lbs capacity)  30" Roof w/ 30" Matching Seed Tray
Right: Ultra Large (21lbs Capacity)  35" Roof w/ 35" Matching Seed Tray
Big Honkin
Seed Catcher Trays

Seed Catcher Tray
18" wide x 30"/35" long

Have center holes that slips over your 4x4 post. 

Attach anywhere along the post's length. Typically butted tight against the feeder or just a few inches lower.

All Hardware included.
A must have accessory
for any serious birder.

Let the Fun Begin - Big Honk is Breakin the Rules

From here on down you will see a few examples of our all new Big Honk Designed Big Honkin Feeders.
Each was an amazing one-off creation and crafting these feeders was/is/and-always-will-be a lot of fun. 
You (or your gift recipient) and your wildlife will Love any Big Honkin feeder.
Big Honkin Feeders take feeding to a whole new level.

Have Questions? Need Help? Place a Phone Order?
Write us here ➚ or call toll free: 877-363-0199

Oak and Poplar......... each found abundantly here in WV and obviously make beautiful products. This one has oak roof, railings and pole mount. Poplar baseplate and vertical uprights. LARGE feeder 29" long, 14" wide and 16" in Height. 
Oak/Poplar Fly Through 29" x 14" Roof - 6819a
Click Photo for More Pictures
This is a Big Honkin
Fly Through Feeder.

Not a hopper style feeder.

Maple, Poplar, Cherry, Black Walnut and Black Willow.
The forest is represented in the superb mega one-off.
Extra Large Big Honk: 29" long, 14" wide and 16" in Height. 
Back To Nature:  29" x 14" Roof - 6919a
Click Photo for More Pictures
Lots of beautiful live edge cherry
railings, cherry uprights plus a GORGEOUS Roof
of Spalted Maple.

Poplar, Black Willow and Ash.
If Crisp and Clean is what floats your boat....... jump on this "BARGE" of a feeder now
Ultra Large Big Honk: 35" long, 18" wide and 16" in Height. Holds 20lbs of BOSS 
Poplar Perfection:  35" x 14" Roof - 6919b
Click Photo for More Pictures
A wonderfully crisp and clean Poplar BIG Honkin Bird Feeder.
Feed everyone.... and then some.

Poplar, Red Oak and Black Willow - Will Hold a Gallon (4lbs) of BOSS Easy
The perfect fly through for those wanting a large feeder.
Lots of little details from a few knots in the roof and wormy vertical uprights.
EL Fly Through:  29" x 14" Roof - 6919c
Click Photo for More Pictures
This is a Fly Through Feeder
Not a Hopper Style.

Poplar, Poplar and a touch more Poplar highlighted with Basswood Rails on the feeder, Cherry Seed Splitter, Black Willow Pole Mount. - Holds 5 Gallons (20lbs) of BOSS
Scarf Up this Big Daddy Donut of a Bird Feeder before it's gone. (Coffee Not Included)
Krispy Kreme:  35" x 14" Roof - 6919d
Click Photo for More Pictures

Crazy gorgeous feeding station. Poplar roof and vertical uprights, cherry seed splitter, oak railings and THEN black willow pole mount and seed catcher tray having live edged willow railings. Tray Mount is Black Walnut. . - Holds 3.5 Gallons (15lbs) of BOSS
Top of Ole Smokey?  -  Most Certainly Top of the Line! Love You Mom!
On Top of Ole Smokey:  29" x 14" Roof - 6919e
Click Photo for More Pictures
I have no idea where this name came from..... but my Mother played the autoharp and sang the song. I love this feeder.............. 
..............maybe that means something! :)

A wonderfully LARGE feeder less a seed catcher tray. Makes it more affordable yet comes with an upgraded Ornamental LARGE Pole Mount (fits a 4x4 Post)
Add a tray down the road if desired. This BIG feeder holds 3.5 Gallons (15lbs) of BOSS
Big Honk Rule Break #1:  29" x 14" Roof - 6919f
Click Photo for More Pictures
The 1st bird feeder in over a decade to see a roof pitch angle change. We.... errrrrrr........ Big Honk made it steeper and I like it!  :)

Poplar Patio Perfection. For the bird lover needing a simple. but LARGE, fly through set up. Here is an AWESOME feeder with a poplar roof and verticals along with red oak railings. Be creative and expand your birding world. 
Ultra Large Fly Through:  35" x 14" Roof - 6919g
Click Photo for More Pictures
Patio Version
Meaning: No Pole Mount.
Didn't find your perfect feeder?
Visit often as we will be adding more consistently from here on out. 
Sign Up to Big Honk's Big Honkin Feeder Notice List. (that's a mouthful)
Click here to do so ➚ and we'll drop you a note each time new feeders are added.

Meanwhile............. Have a Great Day and Good Birding!
Hurley Byrd Bird Feeder Co.
For the fine details of our craftsmanship and for installation notes;
Click Here ➚  and view Big Honk's Installation and Erecting Page

For detailed/downloadable Pole/Post Erection and Feeding Station Installation Instructions;
Click Here ➚  and visit our Hurley Byrd How-to article on this subject.

If you have other feeders needing strong mounts or you wish to add just a tray:
Each are available here 4x4 Pole Mounts and Seed Catcher Trays.

Mr. Honk's Previous Creations Can Be.......
↓   Viewed Below  ↓ 

Meanwhile - Visit HB's eBay Store to see what's in

stock...... (click here) for what's available NOW!

Inventory will change all the time. Visit often.

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