What sizes of
feeders do we offer?

Summer 2019........
As we cut our ties with
strict blueprint building of
the Mourning Dove Series and move into our new
Big Honkin Feeders,
capacities will begin to slide up and down the scale.

Overall though, a good reference for each feeder will be around these ranges.

Base (smallest) Big Honk:
3 Gallons which is about
12 Pounds

Extra Long Big Honk:
4 Gallons / 16 Pounds

Ultra Large Big Honk:
5 Gallon / 20 Pounds

Extra Long Ultra Large
Big Honk
6.5 Gallon / 26 Pounds

Hurley Byrd's "Big Honkin" Bird Feeders

Installations and Erecting: A Quick Understanding
Big Honk's Bird Feeders are erected using our Large 4x4 Pole
Mounts (poles not included) and are usually coupled to a matching Seed Catcher
Tray. Seed Catcher Trays introduce a second level of bird watching pleasure by providing a large,
open and unobstructed landing area to accommodate the bulkier/clumsier birds such as Blue Jays,
Cardinals and Mourning Doves. Most importantly though, seed catcher trays provide a
second opportunity for your birds to consume dropped feed which saves YOU
lots of "seed money" ultimately paying for itself and the feeder too.

The most desired installation for these feeders is atop a 4x4 post since they cannot be hung
due to their weight. But they can be used as patio table, deck, ground or stump feeders.
Contact us and we'll build one just for you. Write us here ➚

When mounting a pole with a complete feeding station having a Seed Catcher Tray,
the seed tray has a perfectly sized center hole that slips over and down the pole prior to
mounting the feeder. Once the feeder and its mount are tightly affixed, the tray can then be
pressed tight against the underside of the feeder's mount or secured anywhere along
the pole's exposed length. All hardware required is provided.
(Quick Note - We do not provide 4x4 posts.
Visit any lumber store and they will assist.)

Read or Download: How to Erect A Hurley Byrd Feeding Station Properly ➚.

Materials and Craftsmanship:
Appalachian Mountain Lumbers - See our Word About Wood ➚ page (a must read).

1.) Super thick base plates and vertical roof supports for years of durability.

2.) 3/4" Matched lumber roof halves of superior beauty.

3.) 1/2" thick seed retention rails hold up to years of birding activity.

Ceramic Coated Screws - Used Throughout. No inferior staples, nails or brads found anywhere.
a.) Screws are the ultimate fastener for their holding capabilities. 
b.) Ceramic Coatings do not corrode like nails, staples, or inferior screws.
c.) Screws allow disassembly for cleaning, refinishing or repair.

Hopper End Seed Ports
We call this our 360 Degree Feeding Platform.
(The seed hopper is set in the middle of the baseplate and supplies seed in all directions,
hence 360 degrees. What this offers is a tremendous gain in bird viewing real estate. AND, we
have found over the years, the birds LOVE visiting our feeders from the ends and
plucking seeds directly from the hopper's seed port.)

Full Length Brass Plated Roof Hinges - Keeps rain and melting snow from entering the hopper.

Heavy Duty 1/4" Acrylic Sheeting - Double thick sheeting retains it shape and is strong!

Positive Water Drain Holes - Placed at each corner for fast drainage of rain and melting snow.

For a Limited Time - Free Standard Accessories - Preinstalled:
Hopper Base Seed Splitter - Directs ALL the seed to the feeding platform.

Solid Brass Hook and Eye Latch - Positively keeps the roof closed, even in high winds. 

See the right side bars for additional feeder information.

You can also purchase various components to enhance your current feeding station:
We have available 4x4 Pole Mounts and Seed Catcher Trays.
Meet Big Honk

Hurley Byrd's New
BIG Bird Feeder
Design Leader

Big Honk is taking
Big Awesome to
Big Honkin Amazing

Summer 2019........
Big Honk is cutting ties to
strict blueprint building of the Mourning Dove Series and driving Big Honkin upward.

For us to take this already amazing product to new
levels, we need to break
our mold and go rogue.

Effective Immediately
Every Big Honkin
bird feeder produced
at Hurley Byrd will be a
One-Off Thing-O-Beauty.
Stop back often or simply
sign up for Big Honk's Big Honkin Notice List.

Click Here

Big Honk will make sure
you have 1st chance at
all new Big Honkin Feeders
as they become available.

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Hurley Byrd Does it Differently, Very Differently: 
We handcraft each and every feeder we sell. Starting with our own designs, producing OUR OWN Lumbers and assembling your feeders with
real screws throughout. We then protect each feeder with a beautiful penetrating oil finish so they last for many years. We take pride in our service, too.
From the moment you first interact with us, whether on our website or on the phone, to the delivery of your feeders and gifts and everything in between.
We want to make owning and gift giving easy for you. So whether it's a simple thank you, a unique deer feeder gift a whole
feeding station for you and your family, choose Hurley-Byrd and see the difference our feeders really make. 

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