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Give the Gift of Wild Deer Feeders: When you send deer feeders you send two gifts: the feeders themselves, and the moment they arrive. There's the knock at the door or the package on the porch. And the next thing that happens is your special someone's heart jumps with delight as they open a gift they will remember for years to come.

Feeder Delivery: At Hurley-Byrd, we do things differently and oversee each part of the process: from the buying of raw materials, to handcrafting the feeder, to the day your purchase arrives at the front door. We send freshly crafted feeders direct and bypass all the middlemen, which means better feeders and a better value. (Don't just take our word for it. Thousands of customers rate Hurley-Byrd wildlife feeders a "best value.") We believe in complete satisfaction and lasting value, too, which is why we guarantee a perfect feeder for you or your recipient , and also that your feeders will outlast all others available and will be enjoyed from the moment they arrive and for years to come. It's all part of how Hurley-Byrd is changing how America feeds their wildlife.

Hurley-Byrd Does it Differently: We handcraft each and every feeder we sell. Beginning with our own designs, buying the finest western red cedar and crafting your feeders to near perfection with a beautiful penetrating oil finish so they last for years. We take pride in every step of our service. From the moment you first interact with us, whether on our website or on the phone, to the delivery of your feeders and gifts and everything in between. We want to make owning and gift giving easy for you. So whether it's a simple thank you, a unique deer feeder or a whole feeding station, choose Hurley-Byrd and see what a difference our feeders really make.

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Heavy Duty Deer Feeders
Our BIGGEST, Best and Most Rugged Deer Feeder of Them All.
It's been a long time coming. Hurley-Byrd's all new Heavy Duty Deer Feeder (HDDF) is in
a class all by itself. Set up this beautifully crafted feeder and FILL it to the brim for LOTS of happy deer.
We have taken our tried and true standard deer feeder troughs and designed a substantially Stronger
and far more sturdy feeder base allowing for the installation of either one or two troughs.

The new HDDF's comes with  a twin set of our 36, 48 or 60 inch troughs, appropriate legs and a bracing kit.
The new HDDF is for those requiring a feeder that will stand up to high capacity feeding plus a higher
degrees of animal abuse, such as pushy deer or families of raccoons wrestling around.

Feeder capacities are as follows:
Extra Large with 36" Twin Trough - 50+++
Ultra Large with 48" Twin Trough (shown below) - 70+++
Magnum with 60" Twin Trough - 90+++
What does the "+++" mean? Since these feeder have their troughs mounted side by side, it means you can
easily OVERFILL each trough into one heaping mound which will actually add another 50% of capacity. Expect the Extra
Large to hold as much as 75 pounds of feed, the UL and Magnum 105 and 135 pounds respectively.

For people who live in high deer population areas or already have established feeding
stations, the Hurley-Byrd Heavy Duty feeders are a must. These feeders will allow for longer times
between filling and will hold your deer far better than one small feeder going empty often.

Hurley-Byrd Offers 3 Sizes.
Which one did I need?
Hurley-Byrd Heavy Duty Deer Feeders come in capacities from 50
to 135 pounds. A feeder with 50 pounds of capacity may sound like a lot,
especially to the bird feeding community. But, 50 pounds of whole shell
corn can be eaten in an evening by a large sized family.
Although this is a possibility, it's typically not the norm. Most of
our customers state 50 pounds will last about three days. We agree.
Keep in mind, you can always put 40 pounds of feed in a
70 pound capacity feeder but never 135 pounds in the same
70 pound feeder. If you have concerns about the capacity
being too little, opt for the next larger and use its versatility.

Secondly, it is ALWAYS better to spread your deer
feeding station across two feeders instead of one large.
Deer have a hierarchy that is rigorously maintained and
one feeder can be dominated by one or two deer while
the others wait. A number of feeders spread across your property will allow the less dominant deer to enjoy
your feed offering and discourage aggressive action (fighting). The HDDF makes a perfect pinnacle feeder
within a feeding station and smaller Standard DF's or even large CDF's can be used as satellites.
Beautiful Feeders of Sound Design and Quality Built Having Easy Assembly

Like all Hurley-Byrd products, each Deer Feeder is
completely handcrafted from the finest Preserved Wood Lumber (PWL) throughout
then assembled with ceramic coated steel screws.

Each feeder then receives an application of our proprietary penetrating oil finish, which
is not just wiped on. Each component is completely submerged in a large vat filled with finish,
allowed to soak and finally hand rubbed to work it deep into the wood.
This produces a feeder like no other and when you set up
a Hurley-Byrd feeder you will know you are using the finest possible.
  Flat Bottom Trough Design  
All Heavy Duty Deer Feeders utilize our flat bottom troughs, a 2008 design upgrade. It offers far
better strength and easier feed consumption. The 45 degree angle of a twin trough set-up will guide your feed
offering from the center of the feed troughs toward the outside. This will help keep your deer from pushing against
the feeder to gain access to the last small portions remaining in the feeder's center.
Happy Deer, Less Abused Feeder.

Free Standing, Very Stable
Due to the HDDF's nice wide base of approximately
40" and its low 24" height, it will remain standing even in heavy
winds. Since it has no attachment points to the ground, unlike
the Standard Free Standing Deer Feeders which require spiking or other means of securing, the HDDF can easily be picked up and moved for simple storage or lawn maintenance.
No Tools Required

Many of our new deer feeders now come in
a No-Tools-Required design for quick and easy
assembly. In the past, free standing models
required tools to finish the set up. No more.

The Hurley Byrd Heavy Duty Deer Feeder is
no exception, even with the Heavy Duty
Bracing Kit. The whole feeder is assembled (and
disassembled when desired) using
carriage bolts, washers and wingnuts.

The HDDF along with its Bracing Kit will take about
20 minutes to assemble..... if you take your time.

In a fun test here, we assembled an Extra Large
version in 3 minutes 48 seconds with an additional
1 minute 13 seconds for the Bracing Kit.

All are very simple to assemble and of course
we provide appropriate assembly instructions.
We couldn't have made it any easier.

The White-tailed Deer Feeder.
What's in the box when it arrives?
You will receive two completely assembled troughs, one set of 2 legs, one set of 2 trough supports,
an appropriately sized Bracing Kit and all hardware required for a complete feeder.
You simply assemble and add feed. Of course, proper set up and usage instructions will be provided.
View an Extremely
Successful Deer
Feeding Station.

30+ photos, including world class Mule Deer and an Elk the
size of a house..........
...............well almost.

A must see photo set.
Click the Photo or
Click Here
is NOT a
Pick N Pack Company.

We handcraft, package and ship every feeder found
on our website.
Each Heavy Duty Deer Feeder comes with
easy to assemble hardware consisting of
carriage bolts, washers and wingnuts.
Photo shows the Hurley-Byrd Heavy Duty, Ultra Large
Twin Trough Feeder in Cedar with Bracing Kit installed.
The 2017 HDDFs are now crafted in Preserved Wood Lumber PWL.
The new PWL feeders are the strongest wood feeders you can obtain!!!

Heavy Duty Bracing. What and Why?

Our Heavy Duty Bracing Kit maximize the feeder's strength and stability allowing
you to really amp up the feeder's capacity and still prepare it for real world animal abuse.

When your deer get a bit rambunctious, or downright aggressive with one another, the
feeder will be better prepared for the bumping and banging to follow.

Now lets talk Raccoons. Although we don't always appreciate their visits, (yet many do, ourselves included)
they can become a reality. A whole family of Raccoons can tip the scales upwards of 160 pounds. When they
climb upon and decide to wrestle with each other, a lot of stress can be placed on a feeder.

The Bracing Kit will add a great deal of longevity to your feeder.
Please do install it when assembling the feeder.
Bracing Kits:
Each Bracing Kit consists of the two crossmembers and
their respective vertical attachments as shown here.
Its installation is very simple and straight forward.

Ordering and Delivery Time of Your New Heavy Duty Deer Feeders.

To order: Use the dropdown menu below and pick your desired feeder size.
You will notice we offer quantity discounts for each size along with discounted shipping.
Multiple discount priced feeders may have their components shipped together. As an example: all troughs may be shipped in one box. This allows us to offer you these reduced prices.

If you are ordering HDDFs as gifts or ordering with friends or family...... place one feeder in your shopping cart and change the quantity you need there. We will then ship each feeder in its own box with its own assembly
instructions and warranty registration information.

If you would like multiple feeders with each being a different size, please write call us and we will
provide you with the appropriate quantity discounted price across all feeders.

Delivery time: If we have your feeders in stock, they will ship the next day.
If we build your feeders especially for you, which we typically do, please allow us 3-5 business days.

As always........ feel free to call 877-363-0199 and we will gladly assist you personally.

The Price Menu Below Has Been Temporarily Disabled During This Sale.
Heavy Duty Deer Feeders with Matching Bracing Kit:

Thanks to LC of NC for the great photo.
An Extra Large Twin Trough HDDF in PWL

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