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The Hurley-Byrd Stay Put Perch System and
Integral Rope Mount

Niger seed and water don't mix and we doubt we have to tell you this.
All Hurley-Byrd Finch Feeder have a few innovations that help keep water out.
First and foremost, the hanging ropes are attached in what we call an Integral Rope
Mounting System.  This means of attaching the rope positively keeps rain and
melting snow from "following" the rope into the seed compartment.

Secondly, we've sized the seed slots as small as possible so your finches
can still access the seed (watch carefully and you will see they "lick" it out.) while
minimizing seed drop as much as possible.  These small slots help keep water out of the feeder.

Another innovation of Hurley-Byrd is the Stay Put Perch System.
Nothing is more frustrating than having perches coming out of a feeder. We mount the
perch in a small block of wood then mount the perch/block assembly inside the feeder.
See the photos below, they are worth a 1000 words, and then some.
Your perches will NEVER move, fall out, etc.....

Integral Rope MountStay Put Perch
Secure Perches - Never Move
Integral Rope Installation
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