Hurley-Byrd Pheasant Series
Large Ground Tray Feeders For Birds, Mammals, Cats and Dogs
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Pheasant Series Large Ground Tray Feeders

Hurley Byrd and The Pheasant Series Feeder are both celebrating 15 years of success.
The Pheasant was one of the first feeders to grace our shop and was an immediate hit with
our customers. To this day, it is one of our more popular non-mainstream style feeders.

Perfect for feeding anything from birds to small mammals and even used for raised feeding
tables for cats and dogs. Matter of fact, HB's owner uses a modified Pheasant as a raised table for
his Great Pyrenees dog. Yes, we are considering adding raised pet feeding tables into our mix. 

Meanwhile, we have redesigned the Pheasant AGAIN in 2019
1: Now crafted in our amazing FFY Lumbers. What's FFY? Click Here...
2: We have made a few minor changes to the feeders feet for better stability.
3: We no longer use one abnormally wide board for the tray, we now tightly fit two narrower boards together using a tongue and a groove. This lowers warpage and crafts a FAR Stronger feeder too.

Each feeder has nearly 2 square feet of feeding platform perfect for birds, deer and
other wildlife. The tray is raised off the ground just enough to clear roots, rocks and grass clumps plus
gives good air circulation to the underside while allowing small birds to clean up dropped seed.
Its low height offers easy access for your wildlife and six drain holes provide ample
drainage of melting snows and falling rains.
You will enjoy many years of added fun from the Pheasant Large Tray Feeder.
Order yours today and add a whole new dimension to your wildlife feeding.
How to Order

If you are ordering for yourself and not as gifts, simply
choose the desired number and add to cart.

If you are ordering a number of these as gifts, place ONE in your shopping cart then
change the cart's quantity to your desired number. Each will then be shipped in it's own box
with its own usage and maintenance instructions. Individual gift feeders do not receive discounting.
The Large Pheasant Grounf Feeder
Wild Turkeys in South Dakota - Classic Cedar Feeders
A BIG thank you goes to our customer and avid
wildlife feeding friend Arlo for the photos.
Pinyon Jay in Arizona
Thank you Pam.
Click Pam's photo to see a full size image.

Classic Cedar
Lumber Choice, Quantity and Discounts
Stackable for off season storage       
PWL shown, new FFY Lumber photos coming soon.

Order today and be surprised and amazed.
Materials and Construction: 
Overall Size: 24"L x 12"W x 5"H
Capacity: 4 Quarts or 4 Pounds
Beautiful Lumbers - Now in Our Amazing PWL.
Ceramic Coated Screws - No cheap staples, brads or nails.
Sturdy Legs - Full width truss type. Brutally Strong!
Drainage holes - Perimeter placement for positive water drainage.

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Hurley Byrd Does it Differently, Very Differently: 
We handcraft each and every feeder we sell. Starting with our own designs, producing OUR OWN Lumbers and assembling your feeders with
real screws throughout. We then protect each feeder with a beautiful penetrating oil finish so they last for many years. We take pride in our service, too.
From the moment you first interact with us, whether on our website or on the phone, to the delivery of your feeders and gifts and everything in between.
We want to make owning and gift giving easy for you. So whether it's a simple thank you, a unique deer feeder gift a whole
feeding station for you and your family, choose Hurley-Byrd and see the difference our feeders really make. 

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