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Baby deer will arrive late May and early June.
Add a Hurley-Byrd Feeder to your yard and enjoy the wildlife with less
wasted feed and more relaxed deer. AND with spring here, feeding the Moms
now will reward you with babies in May/June. A nature moment not to miss!!!!!
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Successful Deer
Feeding Station.

30+ photos, including world class Mule Deer and an Elk the
size of a house..........
...............well almost.

A must see photo set.
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is NOT a
Pick N Pack Company.

We handcraft, package and ship every feeder found
on our website.

462 Williams Crossroads Way
Fairmont, West Virginia 26554
Telephone Toll Free: 877-363-0199
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Furniture for Your Feathered Friends!
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"Standard" Deer Feeders
Our original and still a customer favorite.
Beautiful, simple and an excellent first feeder.
Heavy Duty Deer Feeders (HDDF) of High Capacity
A new introduction last fall which was designed to fill the needs of people needing larger capacities.
This big and strong feeder has quickly become a favorite with our more serious deer feeding customers.
Large, Robust and Extra Sturdy for Many Years of Hard Feeding Action.
HUGE Muley at a Colorado Feeder

Thank You Steve N. of Colorado for the photo!
Covered Deer Feeders - or as we call them - CDF's
A 2005 introduction that quickly became a top seller and now in its 4th generation of redesign.
The CDF is more than just a beautiful and functional feeder, it's a statement to your love of wildlife.

A 3rd generation Covered Deer Feeder doing what a Covered Deer Feeder does best.
Feeding Deer Correctly
Want to know more? Read:
Feeding Deer Safely
and Successfully
The Strongest Feeder We Build
An HDDF presents a LARGE quantity of feed to any rowdy group of deer and holds up year after year.
Covered Deer Feeders

Add this wonderful feeder to your yard and enjoy the deer like never before.

Permanently Installed or Free Standing.
Click here to find your feeder.

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Hurley-Byrd Deer Feeders -Only the Best
Baby Deer Coming Soon.
Set up your feeders NOW to
attract the Doe Deer and they
will reward you with babies soon.
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Hurley-Byrd - Summer Shutdown

June 4 through October 1
We will be closed for summer and reopening October 1.

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