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Feeders: When you ship a wildlife feeding gift you send two gifts: the feeder itself, and the moment it arrives. There's the knock at the door or the package on the porch. And the next thing that happens is your special someone's heart races with delight as they open a gift they will remember for years to come.

Feeder Delivery: At Hurley-Byrd, we do things differently and oversee every part of the process: from the buying of raw materials, to handcrafting the feeder, to the day UPS arrives at the front door. We send beautiful handcrafted feeders direct and bypass all the middlemen, which means better feeders and a better value. Don't just take our word for it. Thousands of customers feel Hurley-Byrd is a "best value." We believe in complete satisfaction and lasting value, too, which is why we guarantee a perfect feeder for you or your loved one , and also that your feeder will outlast all others available and will be enjoyed from the moment it arrives and for years to come. It's all part of Hurley-Byrd changing how America feeds its wildlife.

Hurley-Byrd does it differently: We hand built each and every feeder we offer. Beginning with our designs, buying the finest western red cedar and crafting your feeders to near perfection with a beautiful penetrating oil finish so they last for years. We take pride in each step of our service, too--from the moment you first contact us, whether on the Internet on the telephone, to the delivery of your feeders and gifts and everything in between. We want to make owning and gift giving easy for you. So whether it's a simple thank you gift, a unique deer feeder or a whole feeding station,  choose Hurley-Byrd and see what a difference our feeders really make. 

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Hurley-Byrd is Located in North Central West Virginia 
  Below is "our" FedEx zone map with approximate days for FedEx delivery.  
If you have any questions, write us or call 877-363-0199.

The Big Beautiful Blue Jay
The Big Beautiful Blue Jay

462 Williams Crossroads Way
Fairmont, West Virginia 26554
Phone: 877-363-0199 M-F 10-8 EST
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