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The Nuthatch - Discountinued - Sorry
The Hurley-Byrd Wall Mount Bird Feeder
  A perfect feeder for a perpendicular wall of your home, a fence or deck post. 
One of Hurley-Byrd's original feeders from way back when has been reborn.
The Nuthatch is an excellent feeder for mounting to your home, garage, tree or deck/fence post.
It's three sided feeding means you can ALWAYS view the birds who use it and use it they will.
Completely redesigned for the 2008/2009 feeding season, install this feeder in places no other
feeder can fill. It's size is perfect for the smaller birds with a short roof to base height.
Your Chickadees, Titmice and of course, Nuthatches will love you.
  The Nuthatch 
This gorgeous and unusual feeder will delight many of your birds and with its 4 pound (1-gallon) seed capacity, will keep them happy all day long. Like all Hurley-Byrd bird feeders, besides offering seed in the front, it also sports hopper end seed ports to supply feed to the far ends of the feeder's base.
The Nuthatch is 18" in length, 7" in height and is 8" deep. Expand your birding enjoyment, order today!

Is it easy to fill?
YES, the roof swings up and toward the back for
extremely easy filling.

Is it easy to clean?
The Nuthatch feeder is exceptionally easy to clean and
was a redesign thought from the beginning.
The clear acrylic panel simply slides up and out of the
feeder for total access to the inside. Simply spray down with
a garden hose or remove the feeder, place in a sink, scrub
clean, wipe off the acrylic pane, dry, assemble and fill.
Nuthatch Wall and Post Mount Feeder
Special Offer
Order a set of Two Nuthatch Feeders

Each of these offerings ships for just $8.95 to the lower 48 states.
Click here for more shipping information.
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